Iranian Tea

Product Introduction

Iranian tea is a pristine product from the Fouamant foothills and the Gilan’s Lush plains, which brings with it the maximum balance of color, taste, fragrance and the sense of freshness. Fortunately, due to the desirable geographic conditions in Iran, this country delivers high-quality tea to the world market. The Mild color and natural flavor of Tabiat Iranian tea and non-usage of artificial flavors and color additives makes it a natural and unique tea for our gatherings.
Tabiat Tea Giving You Authenticity.

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    Tabiat Sabz Mihan

    Tabiat Sabz Pars Kohan

    Tabiat Sabz Pars Kohan, it is a host of your health and always strives to bring you the best, so be a guest of nature and create your own green next to us.


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