Indian Tea

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Iranians have a special interest in Indian tea since long time ago, which is due to its unique fragrance and lasting taste. Tabiat indian tea is a selected product from the India, Assam region. This product has a delicious flavor, bold color, mild and refreshing fragrance that gives you a sense of freshness and vitality. The delicious flavor of this tea, while its highness in permeability, has a long lasting effect, which has made it more popular. Indian tea in addition to its conventional brewing technique is also used to make Masala (along with milk and cinnamon) which is a favorite Indian drink and has many health benefits.
Tabiat Indian Tea a Tasty and Natural drink.

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    Tabiat Sabz Mihan

    Tabiat Sabz Pars Kohan

    Tabiat Sabz Pars Kohan, it is a host of your health and always strives to bring you the best, so be a guest of nature and create your own green next to us.


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