Golden Ceylon Tea

Product Introduction

This product is one of the best-quality black tea in the world that comes from the foothills of Ceylon. Tea experts know this product as one of the strongest types of tea, due to its strong and influential fragrance. The natural color of this product is very popular with people who are interested in dark tea, on the other hand its strong flavor distinguishes this product from other competitors. Therefore, we can certainly say: "This product is suitable for professional tea drinkers”. Tabiat Ceylon Golden Tea is the best choice for those who care about the flavor of tea.

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    Tabiat Sabz Mihan

    Tabiat Sabz Pars Kohan

    Tabiat Sabz Pars Kohan, it is a host of your health and always strives to bring you the best, so be a guest of nature and create your own green next to us.


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