Sunflower Vitamin D3 Oil

Product Introduction

Vitamin D or calciferol is one of the essential vitamins for the body and fat-soluble vitamins, which helps to grow and bone strength through the control of calcium and phosphorus balance.
Given that almost 80% of Iran's population suffer from vitamin D deficiency and bone mass in Iran than other countries, this vitamin must be included in the diet of the Iranian people.
The enrichment of edible oils with vitamin D has now been successfully carried out in the countries of the USA, France, Germany, India, and ... and their acceptable results on the health of consumers have led Iran to produce Iran's products in the 8th The world has been contributing to enriching liquid oil with vitamin D.
Sunflower oil Vitamin D Nature, after extensive study and obtaining the necessary permits from the Ministry of Health to help your bones health.

Product Advantages

Provides vitamin D needed by the body every day
Impact on bone and prevent osteoporosis
Use for gentle frying and cooking

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