Light Semi Solid Oil

Product Introduction

Solid oil was used more in ancient times, and today its usage has been reduced due to further knowledge of its disadvantages. Despite the fact that solid oils are one of the most important causes of cardiovascular disease, due to the high saturated fatty acids and trans fatty acids produced in the process of hydrogenation, it is harmful to health and also leads to an increase in bad cholesterol and still some people believe that semi-solid oil improves the taste of the food. Therefore, Tabiat Company has started producing an oil similar to semi-solid oil with properties of liquid oils and less harmful side effects than solid oil.
With the help of new technologies, Tabiat company The trans fatty acid amount of Tabiat semi-solid oil which has been produced with cooling technology is zero and it will reduce cholesterol. Palm oil has not been used in the production of this oil, and Palm has been replaced with healthy oils such as canola and sunflower.

Product Advantages

Non usage of palm oil in this Oil
Use for gentle frying
Use in cooking
Prevent cardiovascular disease
Enriched with vitamin

Product Code
11507112 5 Kg Semi-Solid Oil
11507242 4,5 Kg Semi-Solid Oil


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