Zero Trans Frying Oil

Product Introduction

Tabiat Zero trans frying oil is recommended for frying variety of foods. Due to longer chain fatty acids this type of oil is more resistant to heat and does not change in the vicinity of oxygen. So it is recommended to use this oil for long periods of frying. Tabiat Zero trans frying oil production’s unique technology reduces the trans amount and has the lowest trans-fat among other brands in the market. This issue is important in terms of the adverse effects of saturated fatty acids and trans-isomers, which results in reduction of HDL cholesterol and increase of LDL cholesterol, and are one of the most important causes of cardiovascular disease and premature stroke.

Product Advantages

Low levels of trans and cardiovascular disease reduction
High heat resistance and multi-use ability
Low oil spillage around when frying
Minimum absorption in food
Minimum foaming on frying machines due to the presence of anti-foam
High smoke spot in comparison with other frying oils

Product Code
11503130 1,5liter frying oil
11503074 810gr frying oil
11503084 675gr frying oil
11503179 3liter frying oil
11503169 2,5liter frying oil
11503159 3litre frying oil


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