Light Clear Frying Oil

Product Introduction

Frying oil consists of one or more authorized oils that are suitable for non-deep and deep frying which use for solving problems that occur when frying with ordinary oils such as smoke, flooring, oil and food color changing, brittle or harmful compounds, trans fatty acids formation. This oil contains more fatty acids than other oils, which is why it has more thermal stability and can be used at higher temperatures.
Other results from the presence of these compounds include the longer lifetime of the oil and the ability to use it several times.
Since Tabiat Company has been always emphasized on the production of healthy products, and this is the Tabiat company's goals, Palm-free frying oil has been added to its products range.
Tabiat light clear frying oil is a type of oil that with maximum heat resistance has less saturated fatty acids and also has no trans fatty acid. In the production process of this oil, corn oil and canola oil has been replaced to palm oil. This change in the structure will not make the oil cloudy even during the glacier's temperature. The bottle of this oil is also highly sun-resistant. Therefore, harmful sun rays do not penetrate into the bottle, and do not produce any chemical changes in the structure of the oil.

Product Advantages

Ability to use multiple times
Zero trans
Enriched with vitamins

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