Tabiat Tomato Paste

Tabiat tomato paste factory located in Mamounieh with the production of 6 million cans of tomato paste per month, is one of the biggest Iranian tomato paste factories. In the production process of tomato paste, while compliance with the health standards It is forbidden to add any additional ingredients and the preservatives and color additives in the production of this product. Tabiat tomato paste’s high concentrations, which is called “Brix” printed on products makes it more economical.

Tomato Paste

Product Introduction

Tomatoes contain lots of pigments called Lycopene, which, in addition to its antioxidant properties, causes redness of tomatoes. Lycopene is found in many fruits, but its concentration and density in tomatoes is very high and it has many benefits. In Tabiat tomato paste production process with adhering high health standards, any additional ingredients and no preservatives or color additives used in the production of the product. High concentration in Tabiat tomato pastes called “Brix” printed on the product makes it so economical.

Product Code
11301215 450gr easy open lid tomato paste
11301224 820gr easy open lid tomato paste
11302102 4200gr tomato paste


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